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  •  Summary:

    Pioneering a paradigm shift in Liberia’s tourism sector, Kalahari Liberia aims to enrich the coastline with an unparalleled beach resort experience.

  •  Description:

    Kalahari Liberia is collaborating with the Liberian government's tourism department to develop a groundbreaking beach resort. The project spans 10 to 15 acres of oceanfront property located south of Buchanan city. Envisaged as a vibrant blend of leisure and luxury, the resort will feature bungalows, a top-notch restaurant and bar, and a state-of-the-art entertainment venue.


    Extensive experience in hospitality and resort management

    Expertise in sustainable construction methods

    In-depth understanding of international tourism markets

    Strategic government relationships in Liberia and globally

    Proven track record of profitable start-ups and exits

Why Liberia

  • Emerging tourism hub with untapped potential
  • Strong governmental support for sustainable tourism
  • Idyllic oceanfront setting perfect for a resort
  • Stable, comparatively low-cost operational setting

Products & Services

  • Luxury Bungalows
  • Gourmet Restaurant and Bar
  • Coordinating business and investment opportunities for local growers to expand their operations
  • World-class Entertainment Venue
  • Eco-conscious Amenities and Services

Real ROI - Measured in Community Progress

Our commitment extends beyond profit, aiming to positively impact the local community through:

  • Employment opportunities in hospitality and maintenance
  • Community engagement and development programs
  • Partnerships with local suppliers to boost local economy

Development Plans

Long Term - Phase 1:

Two-year planning and construction of the main resort, restaurant, and entertainment facility. Operations expected to commence in Month 25.

Long Term - Phase 2:

Subsequent expansion with added amenities and features, post-Phase 1 evaluation.

Financial Projections

While the market research is still underway, we expect a significant ROI given the unique positioning of our resort and the burgeoning tourism sector in Liberia.