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    We're leveraging foundational assets and relationships to, 'Change the Game', in Lesotho's Cannabis Industry.

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    Kalahari Lesotho is a locally based, community focused, international Cannabis Development & Operations Company with currently active, Medical Cultivation & Export licenses for it's 7.41 acre starter site, owned by Kalahari. Located in the desirable, Lesotho Mountains, near Maseru, this property sits at 7,172 “ above sea level International Cannabis companies operating in Lesotho are on growth tear, but not giving back to communities as expected.


    Large scale CA grows, still producing

    Construction related operations experience

    Power Management & Solar expertise

    Medical Cannabis Business SME, Consultant- Medicann

    Governmental relations within Lesotho, throughout Africa, UK, EU and Asia

    Significant work with political campaigns in US as well as internationally (general consulting, management, media, PR, field & fundraising)

    Founders, owners and operators of multiple startups with exits up to nine-figures

Why Lesotho, Africa

International grow hot spot, with stable government, abundant power at low costs, formal Medicinal Licensing for Cultivation + Export in place. Kalahari enjoys some preferential treatment due to its' status as a majority Black-owned business and commitment to give back to community in meaningful way.

  • Enviable climate, elevation and pristine environment contribute to the, 'ideal', environmental conditions for Cannabis plant cultivation
  • Abundant, stable, relatively low-cost power supply
  • Experienced growers available for low-cost labor

Products & Services

Specializing in Organic Medical Cannabis:Flower, Whole Plant, CBD, Terpene and other derivative products.

End Customers: Export is planned to countries where Kalahari has pre-existing relationships including: ASIA, EU, UK.

Real ROI- Measured in Community Progress

Giving back to local communities with unique programs setup for real measurable growth programs:

  • Employment for grow related activities & management training programs
  • We measure ROI in terms of local business expansion, wage and income increases as direct result of program involvement
  • Coordinating business and investment opportunities for local growers to expand their operations
  • GaaS- Grow-as-a-Service- Community Service assisting locals; offering space for professional grows, training, support and access to Kalahari customer channels
  • Micro-investments and micro-grant awards for local growers who excel in the program

Production Stages- Long Term & Interim

Development Plans

Long Term- Phase 1- Planningunderway now for a 10K sq foot facility utilizing state-of-the-art Solar Tech Greenhouse enclosures for the main grow space/plan. Two year expected timeline for planning, construction and configuration, with Operationalization expected to begin Month 25.

  • Long Term- Phase 2- Planning underway now for 30k sq foot facility, using same state-of-the art technology and design for main grow space. Construction and configuration begins after Phase 1 completes
  • Interim- In interim the company will launch a smaller, 7K square foot area to spur faster production cycles and interim cash flow.

International Wholesale Markets

These prices based on latest available details:

  • GER- Recent Wholesale price in Lbs- $2,245 dollars
  • AUS- Recent Wholesale price Lbs- $3,250 dollars
  • UK- Recent Wholesale price Lbs- $1,143 dollars

Reduced Power Costs

Maximizing power usage through relationships and leading edge technologies:

  • Cost for power in Colorado, USA- $.14 per KW
  • Cost for power in SoCal- $.12 per KW
  • Cost for power in Lesotho- $.09 per KW
  • Kalahari plans to leverage relationships in government to structure mutually beneficial, long term, fixed price contracts with local power company
  • Kalahari plans to store off-grid power for distribution to this and other businesses at a profit/premium
  • Kalahari intends to negotiate preferential terms for energy usage